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A devotion to Rubber and LATEX Worship has developed. Goddess EVOL AKA SCARYMARY loves the wet cold feel of Latex and Rubber on her beautiful EXOTIC skin.  Latex outfits ashall be shined with your tongue!  The tribute reflects 1.5 hours of precious TIME with the LEGENDARY GODDESS EVOL, a true ICON of FETISH, in her Magic Temple Private Discreet play space. The Goddess is willing to discuss a kidnapping for several hours, to several days, depending on your tribute. What are you waiting for? Call the EVOL HOTLINE NOW! Serious Inquiries ONLY, backed by a DEPOSIT.


SKU: 0005
  • Clean, shine, and lick my rubber! Buy me rubber dresses, masks, and tools like one tails. Gloves of latex red and black. size lage gloves. Body of the ICON OF EVOL is 38C, 28, 38

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