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This is a BLOG to EXPLORE Related alter ego confessions, Questions, Ideas, or EXHALATIONS.

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Hello worm

I am the illustrious EmpressEvoll,

Yesterday, I did a predicament bondage Session. When he was a child, a little girl had used him and abused him. She put him in bondage and then teased him. She was controlling him, humiliating and beating him and he would try to escape. He began to expect it and desire it. Now as an adult only the EMPRESS EVOL can help him reenact the same type scenario in her EVOL MAGIC. His desirable outcome, is totally in her evol fingers and toes.

She kidnaps him, binds him tightly and Teases and denies him until she became sadistically satisfied, and he of course, being in her Divine hands, loved every minute of it!

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Evol is the mirror of LOVE, and represents LOVE in the mirror, or on the other side, which holds the hidden parts of man. Including his ALTER EGO. THE EVOLUTION OF LOVE is the completion of the SOUL,


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