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goddess EVOL


EVOL MAGIC is THE dwelling of the GODDESS EVOL Mistress of the Dark Matter. AKA SCARYMARY! Here you will learn THINGS you know nothing about. This is the gateway to the unknown.

EMPRESS EVOL creates a secret stage for the forbidden!

occulted pleasures that define the SEXOLOGY OF THE SOUL 

The mirror to the EGO is the ALTER ego

LOVE in the mirror is EVOL 

"HOW does this supreme Goddess SAVE ME?" you NOW ask feeling the upsurge of your Alter-Ego desires swell in unrequited agony.  You feel as if you are in purgatory, suffering in the middle of heaven and hell.   The very thought of actually exploring your hidden desires is titillating, however, the connection to this all-powerful and Legendary Mistress is even more cataclysmic. You begin to realize that this Mistress is the single and most dire hope you have for happiness.  Only with EVOL can you escape the horror of yourself. You begin to understand


What takes precedence here, are the things that no vanilla woman will address or condone.  SEXOLOGY on the other side of the vanilla world is more like the 1000 shades of grey.  In this realm, a character will be forced to express the craziest seemingly innocent desires for the amusement of this GODDESS EVOL, who will mold it into the ALTER EGO, you long to know... and from the caterpillar to the butterfly you shall metamorph.

With her EVOL GUIDANCE The oddities, and seemingly simple things, will now be brought to the forefront.  To release these pent-up, trapped, and neglected, laughable desires, is a purging of the demons!



FOOT shoe stockings WORSHIP
Balanced Objects


The GODDESS EVOL AKA SCARYMARY is legendary in the world of Erotic Gothic Art and Fetish. She is an ARTISTA, both painter and ROCKSTAR, Director of several movies and an actress. 

MADAME EVOL is the Rockstar! click on her name and Watch her cool video, and buy her new song WITCH CANDY

She has earned prestigious awards, with THE LUXEMBOURG ART CONTEST

and a World Class LEGENDARY PRO-DOMINATRIX, for over 25 years.  Her work has been published in several magazines and News papers, and she has performed all over the world at the largest Fetish Parties.    

She is planning a EROTIC ART EUROPEAN TOUR ! Click on the tour and donate for her adventure! In Euroe she will have sessions with only the most deserving slaves. The Tour Begins in LONDON on Oct 31st Halloween! She performs her EVOL MAGIC, with her Witch Docter Soul, purging your demons.  Those subconscious kinks, that haunt you, will emerge upon the sight of her as you fall to your knees, as do the spirits.  

    When FEET, boots, stockings, or stiletto heels are your main focus, and worship, PAIN, CBT, BDSM, Feminization,  sissification, tickling, Latex, and all those weird forbidden things, remain at the forefront of your mind, YOU may wish to be owned and trained like a DOG or slave, as she explores your ALTER-EGO to the fullest.

    Use the EVOL HOTLINE to privately and discretely converse with the Mistress herself, by voice, text or video she will take you where you need to be.  She is a Cruel and Just Goddess, who will slap it out of you if she must.  

That strange URGE is a constant reminder of your complete submission, as a SLAVE, and that MADAME EVOL is your holy Majesty, your Magnificence, and your deep dark Queen. 

The Sacred Text: Empress Evol Mistress of the Dark Matter ( the Book of EVOL) is available on Amazon, but slaves must purchase an

ass-kissed copy here. @ EVOL EROTIC ART 



 " There are POWERS to LOVE

you know Not of ".     E.E



The Award Winning ART of Madame EVOL is available for your DUNGEON, Home, secret chamber, or place of Worship! Get it on a VINYL poster! (easy to lick) or BUY an ORIGINAL on the EVOL HOTLINE.

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